Operational Police Protective Services is dedicated to keeping you safe and sound—in Alexandria and outside. From escort services to armed security and from off-duty police protection to corporate protection, OPPS is the go-to protective services provider in Alexandria.

Whether you need someone to help safeguard an event or a venue, someone to provide protective services for a vessel or cargo, or someone to accompany you on a business trip abroad, we’ve got all your security needs covered. From keeping our clients safe inside and outside the country to safeguarding them from harm 24/7, Operational Police Protective Services is a full-scale law enforcement services agency that is dedicated to proficiency and professionalism.

Operational Police Protective Services is always ready to extend its professional protective services to you. Managed by veterans and run by off-duty law enforcement personnel, we are a team of dedicated professionals doing what we do best: keeping you safe.

Our selection and induction processes are highly extensive and we accept only the finest of all the candidates that we get. In particular, we look for professionalism, quickness and fitness, arms and combat training, and a keen attitude that is needed for the job at hand.


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Contact Details:

Address: Pasadena, Maryland.

Call: (443) 790-2511