At Operational Police Protection Services, we believe in protecting our clients to the full extent of our abilities. Our skills and training allow us to do that effectively. Most of our professionals are police officers and work with us when off-duty. With decades of experience under their belt, they can handle any situation they’re put in.

Our off-duty police officers are available for you all the time no matter what the job is. You can hire us to escort your loved ones from one place to another or to protect your property. We’re available 24/7 for your protection.

Security guards on duty

Premium Protection Services from Off-Duty Police Officers

Our off-duty police officers are armed all the time and are licensed to draw their weapon and discharge it if the situation demands it. However, that’s something we try to delay for as long as possible and try to find a solution that doesn’t involve possibly harming anyone. More importantly, we have security cars that can protect you from serious damage in case of a dangerous situation.

Furthermore, you have the option for discreet protection. In case you don’t want anyone to know that there are off-duty police officers protecting you, our professionals can be in plainclothes as well. Since all our professionals are off-duty police officers, they are equipped with the skills and training to protect you. After all, they’re in charge of protecting people and they are great at it.

Want to hire off-duty police in Maryland? Our services are available 24/7. Our team is here to ensure your loved ones’ safety. Whether you need to make sure they are safe in a public place or need to escort them to a location securely, we can help.


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