For those people in Glen Burnie who are concerned about their safety or worried about the security of their high-profile events, Operational Police Protective Services has three services to offer: armed security, off-duty police services, and protective services.

Combining our training in arms, combat, criminal behavior, advanced technology, and local knowledge, we can tailor the perfect security plan you need to ensure your safety in Glen Burnie.

Many VIPs and people often avail our rapid deployment, TWIC, armed escorts, and executive protection services. Our task begins with tailoring a foolproof security plan specifically designed for your specific situation. Our services are available24/7, and we provide speedy services to our Glen Burnie clients. We are dedicated to proficiency as well as professionalism and are nonintrusive in our tactical strategies.

Operational Police Protective Services is helmed by veterans and comprises of highly competent off-duty law enforcement personnel with the relevant training and experience required for a job as important as this one. When needed, we also travel with our clients, and can be therein both uniforms and plainclothes as per the requirement of the situation. Whatever the requirement, we have only one aim: to keep you away from harm.


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Contact Details:

Address: Pasadena, Maryland.

Call: (443) 790-2511