People in Harford County now have the benefit of a professional, experienced, and trained law enforcement agency for their events, neighbourhoods, cargo, vessels, and person. Operational Police Protective Services is dedicated to providing optimal security to anyone in Harford County who wishes to avail our services.

As veterans and off-duty law enforcement personnel, we have dealt with tricky situations all our lives and can keep you safe, no matter how big the threat.

It’s natural for people to fear for their safety. If you fear that your life is at risk, Operational Police Protective Services can ensure you have the maximum amount of protection provided.

Veteran-owned and managed by off-duty law enforcement personnel, the staff at Operational Police Protective Services has the appropriate training needed to keep you safe. We combine high quality tech, tactical planning, security strategies, and more to ensure your movements won’t bring you any harm. If you have a high-profile event that needs additional security, our armed security will do it. If you want someone to accompany you on a foreign business tour, our protective services are available. If you want your sensitive venue to be safeguarded, our off-duty personnel can do it for you.

In short, no matter how big or small your concern, we’re dedicated to extending the highest standards of professionalism when it comes to keeping you secure.


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Contact Details:

Address: Pasadena, Maryland.

Call: (443) 790-2511