If you are concerned about your safety in and/or out of Rockville, know that Operational Police Protective Services is just one phone call away from helping you out. We are a veteran-owned law enforcement services provider, extending our services to the residents of Rockville and the entire East Coast.

We can cater to all your protective services, armed security, and off-duty law enforcement requirements. All you need to do is give us a call and discuss your situation with us.

Operational Police Protective Services starts by understanding the gravity of the situation and the severity of the threats you’re facing. Whether you’re concerned for your own safety or for the safeguarding of an event or a venue, we can combine our knowledge and experience to extend the best possible safety strategy. Additionally, we also monitor your movements, accompany VIPs aboard, and keep an eye on all local mishaps to ensure we’re always one step ahead of potential criminals.

The off-duty personnel who comprise our team are all highly seasoned in their craft. They have been trained in hand-to-hand combat, arms, criminal behavior, and defense strategies by some of the best in the country. Professionalism and proficiency go hand-in-hand at Operational Police Protective Services, and we don’t let anything get in our way to keeping clients safe.


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Contact Details:

Address: Pasadena, Maryland.

Call: (443) 790-2511