Operational Police Protective Services offers the residents of Silver Spring a cohort of protective services. These are armed escorts, corporate protection, off-duty police protection, escorts, and armed security officers for venues, events, etc.

As a firm owned and managed by veterans, and comprised of Off-duty Law Enforcement personnel, we have the appropriate training and experience that you need.

Dedicated to providing customized security solutions to the residents of Silver Spring, we offer free consultations to our clients and also waive the fee for administration and scheduling for the first month for new clients. We discuss your situation and concerns thoroughly before deciding a course of action for your specific situation.

We offer protection for business locations, and also provide security for cargo, vessels, and more.

Rest assured that every individual who is a part of our team is highly qualified and well-suited for the sensitive task at hand. During our hiring process, we conduct extensive vetting before the selection is finalized. We are dedicated to ensuring that the off-duty law enforcement personnel who are tasked with keeping you safe are well-trained, experienced, and fit. Your safety is our topmost concern.


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Contact Details:

Address: Pasadena, Maryland.

Call: (443) 790-2511