According to statistics, about 32 million Americans attend concerts or music festivals every year. Depending on the size of a venue, a show may be attended by a few hundred people or more—the largest recorded attendance for a concert has been an astounding 3.5 million people. That’s 3.5 million people that needed to be protected besides the performers.

And one may ask what exactly is it that these people need protection from; after all, they’re just there to listen to their favorite artists. The fact is when people come together in such large crowds, and their excitement level is significantly higher, a number of safety risks arise.

Here are a few to consider:

An Out of Control Crowd

Crowds at concerts can be overwhelming. They mainly consist of teenagers and young adults who tend to get pretty excited and out of hand fairly quickly. And their over-excitement isn’t always a good thing; it can be hard to keep them a reasonable distance from the stage, and there is always a massive risk of trampling in larger arenas and stadium concerts.

Additionally, attendees may try and sneak in alcohol or drugs, the effects of which combined with the natural excitement of the crowd can lead to unreasonable fights and violence, which is harder to control in a large crowd.

Deadly Terrorism Threats

Large crowds are incredibly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. And unfortunately, concerts have become prime targets for these attacks. While there have been several threats at various musical events over the years and a few close calls, the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing at an Ariana Grande concert is a sad example of how deadly these threats really are.

While the singer was not targeted directly, the suicide bombing killed 22 concert attendees and injured hundreds. Extra security at concerts can not only identify and avert such threats but can also deal with the aftermath of the attack.

The Risks Posed by Obsessive Fans

While most fans don’t necessarily mean harm, their passion and enthusiasm can pose significant risks for the talent or their staff. From keeping them away from the stage to ensuring no one sneaks backstage to come near the performers, it can be very hard to control overzealous fans.

And sometimes, the threat can get out of hand. While most artists like interacting with fans and ignore minor security lapses, sometimes fans can be overly obsessive to the point of being psychotic. Singer Christina Grimmie was shot at her own concert by an obsessive fan. This was a severe security lapse considering that the fan was able to sneak in a gun at the venue.

If you’re organizing a concert or a musical event, it’s crucial to consider these security risks and appoint armed protective services accordingly.

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