The rising inflation has resulted in an increased crime rate worldwide. With employment opportunities getting scarcer by the day, people are resorting to other means to make ends meet. This is resulting in increased demand for hiring armed security guards.

Today, businesses and individuals depend primarily on expert security personnel to guard them and provide the added security needed. They count on these guards to patrol their properties and keep everyone safe and prevent any criminal activities. However, an important part of providing good security depends on having a good briefing strategy.


If you’ve hired a protective security service for the first time and need help creating a robust morning briefing routine, here are some useful things you must include.

Discussing Notable Details from The Previous Day

One of the crucial tasks of a good security guard is to remember notable activities and details that occur throughout the day and report them to the authorities. When you report an incident, it becomes easier to remember and recall it—and reporting it helps bring it to the attention of higher authorities.


Every morning, it’s crucial to discuss these notable details from the previous day with the entire security team and discuss the strategy moving forward. This prepares them for the “what if” situations and helps the security team become more vigilant.


Rehearsing Incident Reporting Protocol

Every security company has its incident reporting protocol that every security guard must abide by. However, remembering every detail of it can become quite difficult since incidents worth reporting don’t occur every day. That’s why every good security briefing consists of rehearsing the protocol that every security guard must follow.


This rehearsal consists of discussing what types of events have to be reported, the procedure of reporting the incident, and the must-have details that have to be mentioned in the report.


Discussing Potential Threats

Why do people hire protective security services? They feel threatened and need someone to ensure their safety. However, with changing circumstances, the threats also keep changing – and these changing threats are exactly what you also need to discuss in your morning briefing.


It’s the job of the briefing lead to discuss these different changes in the incidents around their facility and prepare the security team accordingly.


Dividing Daily Responsibilities

A good morning briefing discusses the duties each guard will be responsible for that day. They usually follow a job rotation method that delegates tasks based on their strongest suits. Remember to shuffle the guard’s daily responsibilities and not in a specific order, or criminals can quickly detect a pattern.

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