According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s revelation in the early 21st century, art valued between $4 billion and $6 billion was stolen each year worldwide. This means that museums, too, are victims of security threats across the region. This brings us to an important question: how can we enhance museum security amidst the rising rates of art theft? Keep reading to find out.

Enhancing Museum Security

Enhancing museum security isn’t about closing the doors to visitors. In fact, it’s about keeping the doors open while ensuring everyone’s safety. One of the best ways to protect museums from art theft is to hire armed security, MD. However, there are also several other ways to optimize security in a museum.

How to Optimize It

Install Camera Surveillance

Camera surveillance is one of the most important aspects of security, especially when it comes to protecting precious and valuable collections of art in every nook and cranny. Furthermore, employee threat is also a prevalent issue in many public places. Hence, surveillance helps you detect suspicious activity and take action in time. Again, while technology is essential, it cannot replace human response to emergencies.

Hire Specialized Security Services

Hiring guards with extensive experience in the field can do wonders to protect a museum and its historical artifacts both inside and out. However, art theft is not the only threat faced by museums. There’s also a risk of disrupted law and order situation that plagues museums just as much as any other public place. Armed security guards can help maintain peace and deter unpleasant circumstances.

Install Proximity Alarms

The principal focus of any museum should be to protect its art pieces from inappropriate treatment or restoration techniques. Proximity alarms can play a vital role here. They work by detecting the presence of an object without touching it. They often act as an added layer of protection so people can stay at a safe distance from canvases, statues, etc.

Strike the Right Balance Between Providing a Showplace And a Sanctuary For Art Works

The best museum security is always invisible to a legitimate visitor and extremely apparent to a criminal. However, it shouldn’t be unnecessarily obvious to anyone. Galleries should always make visitors feel welcome, so you do not want to go overboard with making security arrangements apparent. At the same time, galleries require guards who are not only physically strong but also vigilant.

All in all, museums can put in place a variety of security measures to protect their visitors and collections. These can include but are not limited to measures like cameras, gates, and guards. At the same time, there should also be procedures and policies to respond to and deter vandalism, theft, and other crimes.

Wrapping Up!

Are you still wondering whether it’s important to hire armed security? MD or Maryland is home to a number of museums that have been preserving works of art for years. Hence, it only makes sense to employ the best security practices to protect them adequately. For more information about armed, unarmed, on-duty, and off-duty guards, contact Operational Police Protective Services today!