Whether it’s your business headquarter or a support office, there are many reasons why you might need to hire security. The rising crime rate due to increased inflation is becoming a problem everyone has to deal with. Not having security services can affect the success of your business and lower employee morale.

However, it’s not just businesses that need security services; private individuals also need it to protect themselves and their loved ones as street crimes are on the rise too. Since there are so many different security services, how do you know if hiring armed security services Is the right solution for you?


Here are some signs you need to look out for that prove it’s time to get armed security services.

Experiencing Issues Accessing Security Control System

Businesses and private individuals install security control systems to protect themselves, which usually consists of CCTV cameras and recordings of the footage. Even though these systems provide a basic level of security, they’re still quite easy to breach as they can easily be accessed.


Slow Emergency Response Rate

Since inflation affects everyone, many cities and municipalities have reduced police and firefighter staff due to tighter budgets. These cuts have resulted in a much slower response to emergencies.


Having an armed security guard can help you deal with this issue. They are trained to respond to emergencies in the least amount of time, whether it’s a natural disaster or a criminal activity – and since they’re also trained to deal with these situations, your security guard can help deescalate the situation.


Protecting Employees during Odd Hours

Some businesses require employees to work till late hours or odd hours, such as banks during yearly closing time or finance managers during peak seasons. It’s usually such employees who are at high risk of falling victim to criminal activities.


When armed guards protect your premises at all times, your employees feel comfortable coming in and leaving the office during odd hours as well. Most security companies also train their security guards to walk the customers and employees to their cars during odd hours for added security since 80% of crimes happen in parking lots.

Guards protecting a public building

Hire Armed Security Services in Maryland

All businesses and individuals looking for premium protective services in Maryland can contact OPPS Protection. We’re a Pasadena-based security company that offers a wide range of security services with our off-duty police officers. Whether you’re looking to hire protective services for the HOD or armed security for patrolling, we have it all.


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