Feeling secure is a basic human need. But if your security guard isn’t doing their job, it can stress you out. However, sometimes it can also be an issue with expectations. So, how do you tell whether the guard is actually bad or you’re expecting too much?

Here are some signs you need to look out for and find a new security guard company.

Experiencing the Same Issues since the Start

When hiring a security team, you aim to provide a detailed briefing on the first day, and then they should remember it throughout. If you’ve been repeating yourself over and over, but the security guard keeps making the same mistakes repeatedly, it’s a sign to look for a new security guard company.

A good security guard remembers every detail. Once they’ve been briefed, they remember the details without being micromanaged.


Changes in Your Needs

Your security needs might change over time. Now that your company has grown with more employees, you need an experienced and established security company with the right gear and experience to do the job well.

If such is the case with you, you should look for a new security company that can better meet your needs.


Your Current Security Team Isn’t Great

The traits of a good security guard include professionalism and loyalty. Did you hear about the incident where a security guard was paid to look the other way when thieves stole thousands of dollars’ worth of items from a Kentucky-based distillery?


This is because some security guards aren’t loyal and lack professionalism. Some aren’t paid enough to do their job well, while others are not serious about their job. Here are some signs showing your security team isn’t great:

  • They are always late or don’t show up at all
  • They’re found sleeping while on duty
  • They are always on the phone
  • They’re lazy to make rounds or do their job well

A security guard at the train station

They Lack Proper Training

Sometimes, it’s not the guards who are the problem but the company that fails to provide adequate training to them. This results in poorly trained security guards who don’t know how to deal with a situation when it happens.


If you’re experiencing the same issues with your guards, it’s time to fire the existing company and look for a new and better company, such as OPPS Protection. We’re a top security firm based in Pasadena, Maryland and offer a wide range of security and protection services for individuals and businesses.


Whether you want to hire armed security for events or off-duty police for daily security, we have a fix for all your security needs.


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