When it comes to hiring protective security services, you might want to consider seeking help from an off-duty police officer. Besides security services, they also specialize in traffic control, event security, executive security, foot patrol, and security escorts.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring them:

Better training

Police officers are actual law enforcement personnel. This means that they’re more professionally and extensively trained compared to regular security guards. They also have a lot of field experience that meets the international law enforcement standards. Besides, police officers also continue their training throughout their careers. They face a diverse range of life-threatening situations every day that adds to their on-the-job expertise. Every day, their job requires them to apply their field education practically and explore what it offers.


Real life police officers are also better trained to respond to emergency situations. They’re usually able to stay calm and navigate a quick solution if things go south. Their expertise also includes:

  • Patrolling the streets.
  • Managing large crowds.
  • Directing the traffic.
  • Summoning quick fire brigade or first aid help.

An off-duty police officer.

They understand the law.

Police officers are in charge of enforcing the law. This means that their training also involves studying and understanding the law. Besides helping secure a premise, they’re also well aware of the penalties and fines that apply when the same premises’ integrity or security is compromised. An off-duty police officer also understands their legal responsibility and the extent to which they’re allowed to act. They’re always sure of the steps they’re supposed to take in the public’s greater interest. On the contrary, if your untrained and uninformed security guard acts irresponsibly, the law would hold you responsible.


No matter how well-trained your personal security guard is, they’ll almost never have the same credibility as a real police officer. Citizens trust the police and that’s the biggest feather in their hat. This is also because a real police officer has a certain authority that also comes from their uniform. If an individual is thinking about committing a crime, they would think twice if there’s a police officer present.


If you’d like to strengthen your security, Operational Police Protective Services will help you hire the most credible off-duty police officers. We are an elite protection agency that will cater to all of your security needs in Maryland.