With the evolution of technology and the introduction of hundreds of innovative security systems, many people wonder if hiring a professional security service is necessary? We understand that you might be confused why you should hire human services when you have access to the latest security systems, but let us break it down for you.

This blog discusses some reasons why human security services are still relevant today.

1- Facilitate, Not Replace

Many people argue that robots and technologies were meant to replace human labor, and they have a point, but the main purpose of technology is to facilitate human labor. The same goes for human security services, as having a security robot or biometric entrance system won’t be of any use if you don’t hire a human professional alongside to supervise it.


Well, your alarm system might be able to detect an intrusion, but it won’t prevent an intruder from accessing your office. A CCTV camera can also spot people stealing valuable items from your home, but a security officer will be the one responding to the threat.

2- Responding to Emergencies

The cameras you’re using will surveil your house, the facial recognition entry system will stop unrecognized people from entering, but will they be able to do anything they’re not designed to do?


The answer is no, and this alone is the reason why you need human security officers for your work place. Unlike machines, human security services are trained to respond to any kind of emergencies. Whether it’s a stalker following you, or a person breaking into your house, security service workers will know how to tackle the problem and mitigate any security threats.

3- Standby Options

Human workers don’t face sudden crashes and system failures like machines. You may argue that they get sick, but professional security providers have officers on standby if such a situation occurs.

Professional security service worker

Without a human professional armed security service guarding your doors, you’ll always worry about emergency scenarios and your technological system failing. At Operational Police Protective Services, we offer elite protection services with highly trained and active off-duty police officers.


Reach out to us through our website and discuss your security needs today. Relying on technology alone isn’t a smart move!