Safety is a basic need. While we might not be in constant danger, the changing circumstances around us keep us on our toes to keep working for increased safety for ourselves and our loved ones—and since we spend most of our day at work, feeling safe at work is the most important feeling. This is why many companies hire security services to keep their clients and employees safe to meet this need.

At OPPS Protection, we understand that peace of mind comes above everything else; that’s why our guards are trained to be the best at what they do. However, not every security company is the same. Here are some dos and don’ts our security personnel live by that allow them to offer the best security to the clients.


Do: Dressing for the Job

Security guards need the right gear to keep people safe at all times. That’s why our security guards wear comfortable and protective clothing that keeps them safe. Moreover, their boots are specifically chosen to provide the most comfort with thick rubber soles that allow them to walk for longer periods.


Do: Staying Vigilant

One key element that helps good security guards stand out is their vigilance. Our security team is trained to be very alert and observant. Everyone is carefully scanned and checked when exiting or entering the building.


Do: Having Good Social Skills

Having to deal with security guards with bad attitudes can be a major turn-off for clients and employees. Most people don’t think about this but security guards must have good social skills since they represent the company and the client. They need to know the right way to communicate with everyone.


Don’t: Sleeping on Duty

If you find security personnel sleeping on duty, it’s time to fire them and look for another company. Who will protect you and your company if your security guard is asleep?

Our security personnel will always be vigilant, working as the eyes and ears of the company.


Don’t: Not Being Physically Fit

As a security guard, you never know what the day has in store for you. You might have to run on foot after a thief or deal with clients that are disturbing others. Due to the unknown circumstances of the job, our security guards prioritize fitness and training regularly. Apart from jogging and sprinting, they also practice high jumps and weight lifting to have the stamina to deal with various situations.

 Security guard communicating on the walkie talkie

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