It’s quite unfortunate that in 2019, 608 children lost their lives in road accidents. As parents and school owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure our kids are always safe on the roads.

While we can use LED display screens and traffic signals to make road travel safer for our kids, we also need to help them learn road safety rules. We’ve listed three road rules your kids should know and always follow.

Teach Your Kids About Traffic Signals!

You’ll be surprised to know that deaths due to traffic signal violations have increased by twenty-eight percent. This is why you must teach your kids about traffic signals.

  • Green means go
  • Yellow means slow your vehicle down
  • Red means stop

Yes, you might know about this, but your kids might not. Sit down with your child and ensure that they learn everything about the signals properly. Whenever you take a walk with your kids, you must show them how signals change and what they need to do.

Always Look Around Before Crossing!

Children are always excited to go out, especially after the pandemic since they’d been locked up for a long time. However, you wouldn’t want your child running on the roads and end up hurting themselves.

You should teach them to always look right and left before crossing any road. Once the road is clear, your kids should start crossing. Even though the signal might be red, looking around is crucial to be safe.

It’s no secret that road corners are a blind spot for drivers. Hence, kids should be extra careful every time they’re cross a road on a turn.

Always Use The Sidewalk!

Children are carefree when they walk on the road. As parents, you’d want them to always be safe. We recommend you teach your children to always walk on the sidewalks to be safe from any potential accidents.

Even though your children may know all the traffic rules, they can still make mistakes while crossing the road. One wrong move and the consequence can be dangerous. You wouldn’t want that, would you? This is why it’s crucial for every school administration to install LED displays to control traffic and keep children safe on the road.

A parent helping a child cross the road

Get LED Displays To Help Children Cross The Road Near Schools!

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