Every employer in America has a legal responsibility to ensure physical safety of its employees. You don’t just have to create a safe workplace for them, but also make sure that they’re protected against offenders and criminals while performing work duties.

Adequate security measures are necessary to prevent employees from getting hurt, injured, or harmed in a hostile situation at work, at another business property, or while meeting a high-profile client or VIP individual.

The safety rules might vary from industry to industry based on the complexity of operations and market situations.

Here are some effective and highly recommended tips to ensure employee safety and increase their work productivity.

1. Talk to an Insurance Company

The foremost step toward creating a safer workplace is to ensure that your employees are insured. Contacting an insurance company allows you to understand the nitty-gritty factors about maintaining safety within office premises and also lowers claim chances.

For this sole purpose, insurance teams can visit, inspect, and predict potential pitfalls at your business location and recommend improvement. Always make sure that your insurance company is up-to-date with the latest OSHA guidelines to prevent the risk of penalties.

2. Get in Touch with Your Local Fire Marshal

No property is totally fire-proof. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your place of business is free of potential issues that might fuel a fire breakout. Contact your local fire marshal and request a property assessment to evaluate and identify fire hazards or violations.

Their team can also guide in creating efficient exits and strategically placing fire extinguisher for maximum employee safety.

3. Avail a Security Risk Assessment

An emergency response team

Security is a main part of employee safety. In addition to ensuring health and wellbeing of your employees, you have to take sufficient measures to protect them from hostile situations. Consider contacting a reliable federal protection agency for an in-depth risk assessment of your business facility.

Their experienced and well-trained professionals can help you detect loopholes in security arrangement and recommend tips accordingly. A comprehensive, no-obligation risk assessment also includes appropriate suggestions about creating an interior with advanced surveillance system to reduce assault and theft instances.

Moreover, consider hiring elite guard services for VIP business managers and clients. Similarly, police protection and patrol teams can also help you stay on top of employee safety and wellbeing while traveling and conducting important business meetings.