Police officers work for over 20 years until they retire. They acquire many skills and during their service that can come in handy as an off-duty police officer. This is one of the main reasons why many ex-police officers choose to work as off-duty police officers after their retirement.

Are you planning on hiring an off-duty police officer? If this is your first time, you might be confused about why you should consider them over security guards. If yes, here are some reasons why it’s better to hire off-duty police officers.


They’re Better Trained for the Job

No matter how good of a security guard you hire, their training won’t be as good as that of an off-duty police officer. In some cases, security guards receive very little training before being dispatched to the field. And the same applies to protection guards.

Policemen go through a rigorous training process before they’re allowed to wear a badge. And then, their training continues as their career progresses. Moreover, whatever they learn in training, they implement it in their daily lives, making them the best at what they do.


Experience Regarding Law Enforcement

Receiving better training provides these officers with an advantage over other regular security guards since there’s no alternative for real law enforcement experience. Off-duty police officers go out of their way to serve and protect everyone around them while they’re on duty. Police officers have to detect criminal and suspicious activities in the real world without panicking.


A Better Understanding of the Law

To enforce the law, it’s essential to understand the law. Most defense guards aren’t aware of the local laws and regulations, which can create issues for their employers. Many times, security guards are unaware of when it’s time for them to step in, which sometimes is too late, and the situation is already out of control.

With an off-duty police officer, these issues will be the least of your concern since they already have years of experience in defusing such situations. Unlike other security guards, off-duty police officers know these rules at the back of their hands, which provides a sense of relief that your business will stay out of trouble.


Offer Better Credibility

Even if you hire a defense guard who is amazing at their job, they still won’t have the credibility as that of a real police officer. That’s because most criminals know that they don’t have the same authority or training as a police officer.

Police officer checking a suspect

In any case, hiring an off-duty police officer is a better decision than opting for a security guard or defense guard. If you’re based in Maryland, get in touch with us today. OPPS Protection specializes in providing highly-trained and elite local, federal, and state off-duty police officers for protective and law enforcement needs. Whether it’s armed protection service or elite guard service, we can provide you with them all.


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