You’ll be surprised to know that 31.1 million people in the US were out of work due to the pandemic in July 2020. Research shows that an increased unemployment rate in any area directly results in an increased crime rate. Hence, the crime rate has surged in the country.

Numerous firms are opting for private security to provide ultimate protection to company executives. Even event organizers are hiring private security firms to manage the crowd at their events and ensure the safety of all attendees.

Are you running a private security firm but aren’t satisfied with the standards of your services? It’s time to work on improving it. Continue reading this blog to find out how to improve your security service.

Train Your Security Guards

Your guards should always be vigilant while on duty. Did you know that average reaction time is 250 milliseconds? However, you’d want your guards to be faster than that to prevent any danger. This is why you need to train them frequently to upskill and upgrade their reflexes. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) can help reduce their reaction time to as low as eighty milliseconds. Sounds like your guards can have robot-like reflexes now.

No criminal comes to attack from the front door, right? Burglars have extensive plans to ensure they can easily harm their target. As a private security firm, you should provide tactical training to your guards to ensure they can easily tackle any challenging situation.

Don’t Forget The Protection Gear

Is it enough for your guards to have a simple vest and a helmet? Not at all!

You don’t want your security officers to be overpowered by criminals, right? This is why you need to provide them with top-of-the-line protection gear. From safety footwear to ear protection products, your officers need to be fully protected to ensure they can always keep your client safe.

Get Your Hands On A Ballistic Deflection Device!

In a crisis, your priority would be to shift your client someplace safe. While bullets are flying around, you’d need something like a cover to protect your client. We recommend you get a ballistic deflection device that can be attached to your vehicle. You can easily detach it and transfer your client to a safe location, keeping them safe under it.

An LED ballistic display unit attached at the back of a car

Do you want a high-quality ballistic deflection device, but you can’t find it anywhere? Visit OPPS Technologies to get one at an affordable price. Our team of experts includes former military and law enforcement agents who’ve developed top-quality LED displays with a ballistic shield.

Our Vehicle Advisory & Location Information System (VALIS) can help you provide excellent security services. You can even use VALIS as a traffic sign, safety signboard, or advertise products around town.

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